No longer: A tribute to worthiness

No longer
No longer will my worthiness hinge on
Whether or not I’m athletic
If I can participate in volleyball
If I go to a crossfit gym
If I can keep the pace hiking up a mountain
No longer will I decide that I deserve shame
Because I opt out of athletic activities
Because I have no work-out selfies
Because I actually can’t keep up, no matter how worn my Chacos or how much I try to fake it

No longer will my worthiness be determined by whether or not I’m photogenic
If I’m invited to participate in photo shoots
If I’m tagged in beautiful pictures
If I’m “put together” enough
Or “dressed down but still beautiful” enough
If my clothes comply with all of the unspoken “trendy” rules
No longer will I decide that I’m not worthy of love
Because the photos are embarrassing
Because my outfit is awkward
Because there will always be someone a little more “put together” than me

No longer will I be defined
By the amount of time that’s past since my last date
By whether I’m a pair or a single
By who has or hasn’t chosen to deem me worthy of pursuit
If my name has come up when men start discussing beautiful women
No longer will I decide that I’m overlooked
Because it’s been awhile
Because I’ve been single more than not
Because I’ve been chosen, but not always

No longer will my worthiness be decided
By whether or not my voice is good enough
Or my songwriting pierces your heart
By the level of talent I have
By my passions being labeled interesting or relevant or important
By the number of people believing in the person I’m becoming
No longer will I decide that I’m not valuable
Because the song wasn’t liked or the voice was criticized
Because my passions are misunderstood or not meaningful to a few
Because I’ve been deeply believed in, but not always

You see, I think we all have a list
We all have fleeting moments when we decide we’re not enough
That many others are worthy of love, valuable, beautiful, and significant
But somehow we come up short
We’re in a war – not against individuals or people groups or systems, but against every thought and voice that sneaks into the moments that leave us feeling inadequate

We will not always feel better when we are treated better, when we are seen, when we are told we are beautiful
Not if the voice remains that makes us feel invisible, awkward, or uninteresting
Let’s go to war – for ourselves and for each other
Because all of the voices, they’re just scary, barking dogs
Trying to keep us from the truth that
Worthiness is at the core of who we are
We’re already enough and already have value
We were deemed worthy before we ever earned it or decided we’d disqualified ourselves from it
It’s a “being” sort of thing, not a “doing” sort of thing

There is a Light
A Love
A Maker
Who calls the shots
Who has the final word
And the only song He’s singing is one of unshakeable, unchanging value


This post was inspired by my choice to devour a few, incredible books about worthiness and one encounter with Perfect Love while I was huffing and puffing (aka dying) up the side of a mountain. If reading inspired you and caused you to think of a list of your own, post them below (or comment on facebook)

When we name our fears, they lose their power and give others the courage to say “me too!”.


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