Clearing the Floor

There are times of stripping
when I feel that I have nothing left
and I’m mocked for my depravity

Times when I’ve given all
holding on to nothing
and in my emptiness, I hear the accuser

Fear knocks on the door of my heart
guaranteeing I will regret the moves I’ve made
regrettingĀ the yield to surrender

Winter comes shaking every leaf
chilling to the core
and the accuser asks, “Where is your God?”

The season seems to last forever

And I try my hardest to fight the feelings of abandonment,
but they’re strong

But in a moment, in one single moment
you come and make it worth it the way you promised

You come into the room, sit on my bed and say
“Let’s talk about all that’s been weighing on your mind..
I’ve got some thoughts on the matter, too.”

And I realize that while I’ve felt stolen from and empty-handed,
In your goodness, You were only making space..
Clearing the floor
Because you had so much to give

Stripping comes before abundance
Surrender paves the way for overflow.

Like my mother in early winter,
saying it’s time to throw out old toys to make room for new ones
preparing for Christmas day
You must remove so that there is room for more
For better

You are taking away all that has accumulated frivolously
to make room for my heart’s desire…
The things that I really want..
all I’ve asked for.

You didn’t give me the opposite of what I had asked
by taking away what was in my hand —

You looked at me, full of joy and said
“My girl, I’ll give you even more than that.”