Yesterday I roared like a lion
and proclaimed my bravery,
And passed it out freely to everyone indiscriminately
Like running out of courage was unfathomable

I caught a glimpse of the mountain view
And the bigger picture quickly drowned out
Every huge, overwhelming “crushing me with the weight of it” giant
That had just intimidated me hours before

And I smiled and assumed that this must be what victory feels like
I had enough hope for you and me and everyone else

But not today

Today I gave up

The giants came back, screaming
And I said “You were right, you’re bigger than me.”
I let them win because all the strength of yesterday
Grew legs and walked away
The weariness came back, polluting the hope
That I swore would last us for years

You looked at me, eyes full of confident peace and said
“There’s always tomorrow.”

I may never truly understand how triumph and defeat
Can so quickly trade the roles of present reality and vague, far off memory
But that’s Good News, on days like today.